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Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate? – or Grandpa’s watch or shotguns? Transferring non-titled property.

Thankfully, there are positive ways to transfer non-titled property. Non-titled property includes dishes, artwork, tools, books, collections, fly rods, guns, jewelry, etc. The owner is not identified with a written document.
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Governor Appoints New Member to California Fish and Game Commission

Amongst many other responsibilities, the 5-member Commission approves annual waterfowl seasons and bag limits, other hunting regulations and the allowable uses for the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s State Wildlife Areas.
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Groundwater Pumping Exemption Bill for Wetlands Clears Assembly

In January, Assembly Bill 828 (Connolly), which would provide a 3-year exemption for managed wetlands from much of the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), passed the floor of the State Assembly and will next be heard in the State Senate. 
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CWA Advocacy update - H.R. 6854 Introduced

California Waterfowl has joined with our partners at Delta Waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited to support federal legislation that would provide critical breeding habitat for waterfowl both in California and the Prairie Pothole Region of the Upper Midwest.
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CWA traveled this week to San Diego for the CA Fish and Game Commission meeting

CWA went to San Diego and spoke with CA Fish and Game on a number of key advocacy focused initiatives and programs. Topics discussed on site ranged from securing additional support for water rights for Klamath to adding a new Wildlife Area in El Dorado County and much more.
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Assembly Bill 28 was signed into law this week

An unfortunate bill that adds an additional tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition.
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An excellent nationally published article on the Klamath Basin

"A PLEA FOR WATER & HABITAT IN THE KLAMATH BASIN" Written by Shawn Swearingen and Jordan Rash - Helping to point a nationally based focus on the travesty at the Klamath Basin and its importance to the Pacific Flyway and beyond. Please read this story published through and shared through our news site for the entire article.
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2023 Waterfowl Survey

According to the 2023 Waterfowl Population Status report recently released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), total breeding populations were estimated at 32.3 million breeding ducks in the traditional survey area — a 7% decrease from last year’s estimate of 34.7 million and 9% below the long-term average of 35.5 million since 1955.
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CWA, PF Waterfowl Groups Pen Letter to Service on Pintail AHM Revision

In anticipation of a draft pintail model being released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) this fall as part of the long-awaited pintail harvest strategy revision, CWA and several other state waterfowl associations within the Pacific Flyway have asked that it include certain elements to help ensure that, to the extent possible, it promotes expanded hunter opportunity
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CWA & CDFW partner for Hunter's Education Course

CWA & CDFW are partnering to bring a new hunter's education course being hosted at CWA headquarters on August 23rd & 24th. Just in time for the upcoming duck season!
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San Jacinto & Imperial Wildlife Area public hunters! Join CDFW to listen in and participate.

If you are a public lands hunter in either the San Jacinto or Imperial Wildlife area this is your time to participate in a call with the CA Department of Fish & Wildlife. Please use the prompts to participate.
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End of Season Survey Results

2023 CWA End-of-Season Survey. California Waterfowl uses the results to understand the needs, interests and preferences of waterfowl hunters in California. Opinions help guide our position on regulations and other public policy issues!
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WATER: Drought imperils waterfowl at refuge

by JEFFREY A. VOLBERG, DIRECTOR OF WATER LAW AND POLICY (Originally published in the Fall 2020 issu...
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Advocacy: Sponsor Drops Camp Regulation Bill

Here’s how we’re fighting for wetlands, waterfowl and hunting. Presented by Federal Premium Ammunit...
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ADVOCACY: New regulations, anti-hunting bills

2020-21 waterfowl regulations set Legislature to hear anti-hunting bills Members asked to give fee...
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Overlapping seasons: Youth Hunt Weekend, spring goose seasons approach

A new and potentially confusing twist to waterfowl seasons in California this year is the overlap be...
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Help CWA fight regs that would prevent thousands from buying ammo

California Waterfowl needs your help quickly to fight a proposed state emergency regulation that wo...
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Don't just complain; come to the Capitol and make a difference!

Don't just complain about laws you don't like - join California Waterfowl at the state Capitol on A...
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California gets extra January hunt days for 2019-20

California's waterfowl hunters will enjoy an extra five days of hunting in January in most of the st...
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January 31 season end date approved

No more searching the calendar for the last day of duck season. The California Fish and Game Commis...
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CWA's 2019-20 regs recommendation: Jan. 31 closing day

A proposal to allow waterfowl hunting through Jan. 31 in California in the 2019-20 season won the e...
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Supporting California's Hunters

by MARK HENNELLY, Vice President for Legislative Affairs and Public Policy As a new legislative ses...
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What the New Ammunition Rules Mean for Hunters

by JEFFREY A. VOLBERG, Director of Water Law and Policy The last of the ammunition restrictions app...
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CWA seeks expanded duck hunting opportunity

In late November, CWA traveled to Washington, D.C., and met with recently nominated U.S. Fish and Wi...