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Birds banded in 2023

In 2023, we banded a total of 8,549 birds, including 17 different species, with the majority being mallards, northern pintails, and gadwalls.
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A bit of good news for Lower Klamath and Tule Lake NWR

Water acquired by CWA as part of a 3,750 acre-foot water rights purchase began again flowing into the refuge on September 18th despite flowage restrictions placed on neighboring Klamath Drainage District and the larger watershed
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CWA & CDFW partner for Hunter's Education Course

CWA & CDFW are partnering to bring a new hunter's education course being hosted at CWA headquarters on August 23rd & 24th. Just in time for the upcoming duck season!
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Pre-season pintail banding wraps up (photos, video)

Pre-season banding wraps up this week, and our team of biologists has exceeded their pre-season banding quota!
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Fall Flight Forecast: I Hope You Like Uncertainty...

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Banding at Klamath

With help from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff, California Waterfowl’s waterfowl crew has been...
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Double bling!

It was her first duck hunt ever, his first hunt at Grizzly Ranch, and what do they get? It was an In...
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The not-so-bullish sprig

California Waterfowl biologists trap and band thousands of ducks each year. As part of the banding...
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The family that hunts together ...

by Wayne Tilcock Associate Editor The Mathews family had ducks on their minds when they set their...
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Banner year for banding at CWA

  BY JASON COSLOVICH, WATERFOWL BIOLOGIST It was a banner year for the banding crew at Califor...
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We're putting solar collars on specks. Here's why.

BY WAYNE TILCOCK Have you ever wondered whether growing goose populations might be crowding out and...
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Summer banding: 1,445 birds banded, 46 volunteers engaged

CWA’s Grasslands banding crew trapped and banded 395 birds using bait traps on state, federal and pr...
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Grasslands summer banding wraps up with 395 birds banded

This year CWA’s Grasslands summer banding crew trapped and banded 395 birds using bait traps on stat...
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CWA post-season pintail banding hits record high

It was a record-breaking post-season pintail banding year for California Waterfowl in the Sacrament...