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Kids Camps & Outdoor Education- How Cal Waterfowl promotes outdoor enthusiasm to the youth of CA

This overnight camp is designed to help new and beginning waterfowl hunters ages 10-16 with skills including calling, decoy spreads, shot selection, waterfowl ID and more!



California Waterfowl Association is committed to educating the public about the importance of waterfowl and wetland habitats, and the creatures that rely on them. These ecosystems are vital not just in California, but also around the world. That's why we offer a range of educational programs and resources for students, teachers, and the general public to learn about conservation and how they can make a difference.

By participating in our educational programs, you can learn more about the conservation of waterfowl and wetland habitats, and help us inspire the next generation of conservationists and advocates. 




California Waterfowl hosts camps that teach aspiring hunters the nuts and bolts of waterfowl hunting and conservation. Many of the camps also include the Hunter Education, so campers can earn their Hunter Ed certificate- the prerequisite for getting a hunting license in California.

educational RESOURCES


On this page, we provide a variety of materials for parents, teachers, tutors and childcare providers to use on their own: worksheets, lessons and presentations for grade levels Pre-K -12. Some require access to the outdoors, but others can be done in the home. 



CWA offers a number of scholarships that offer up to $4,000 to college students studying a biological field, or help pay the costs of attending our summer camps. Applicants should submit a ONE-page proposal summary description on an original research or management project.



We teach classrooms about waterfowl and the importance of the habitat they need to thrive. Presentations are curated to best fit students' curriculum and standards. Students will learn about waterfowl through various specimens, nesting behaviour, skulls and feet from various birds, science, arts and fun activities!

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