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Construction has started with the removal of salt cedar and water control structures at the Imperial Wildlife Area Wister Unit 312 A-C

CWA’s efforts will help to improve habitat conditions for fall and into the future with better management capabilities, all funded by the Wildlife Conservation Board.
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2024 CWA End of Season Survey

Welcome to the 2024 CWA End of Season Survey. You may notice that we reduced the number of questions significantly for this year’s survey to focus only on waterfowl seasons and bag limit issues
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Dennis Raveling winners named

It is official! We have the Dennis Raveling winners named. First place is Lindsay Carlson with the $4,000 prize and second place is Shannon Stemaly with the $2,000 prize. Congratulations to you both!
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2023 Waterfowler's Hall of Fame

These are the leaders in biology, conservation, lawmaking and art the California Fish and Game Commission honored in 2023.
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Jake Messerli named CEO of California Waterfowl Association

With a passion for conservation and expertise in fundraising, strategic partnerships, and operational leadership, Messerli brings the right skillset to grow the organization. California Waterfowl Association (CWA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jake Messerli as the organization's new chief executive officer. Messerli will be succeeding John Carlson Jr., who is retiring in August after nearly 14 years of dedicated service to the organization.
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Turkey & Pig Hunt opportunities coming mid-February

Cal Waterfowl's hunt program will be offering a bunch of new hunting opportunities for the spring. Mid-February is when these hunts will drop. All hunting application deadlines are 2 weeks prior to the hunt date.
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Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate? – or Grandpa’s watch or shotguns? Transferring non-titled property.

Thankfully, there are positive ways to transfer non-titled property. Non-titled property includes dishes, artwork, tools, books, collections, fly rods, guns, jewelry, etc. The owner is not identified with a written document.
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CWA on location at 2024 SHOT Show

CWA representatives were on hand for the 2024 SHOT Show to meet with corporate partners, meet with prospective new brands, and to represent CWA's Veteran Hunt Program with Realtree™
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Governor Appoints New Member to California Fish and Game Commission

Amongst many other responsibilities, the 5-member Commission approves annual waterfowl seasons and bag limits, other hunting regulations and the allowable uses for the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s State Wildlife Areas.
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Special Youth Hunt days were a huge success!

While duck season was not a great season for most hunters this 2023-2024 season, the youth hunt was quite the opposite.
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CWA Wetlands team started a 500 acre project adjacent to the Colorado River near Blyth California

California Waterfowl through funding by the WIldlife Conservation Board started construction just after the first of the year on a 500 acre project that will be improving 60 acres of seasonal wetland habitat and 440 acres of irrigated food plot habitat adjacent to the Colorado River near Blyth California. 
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Groundwater Pumping Exemption Bill for Wetlands Clears Assembly

In January, Assembly Bill 828 (Connolly), which would provide a 3-year exemption for managed wetlands from much of the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), passed the floor of the State Assembly and will next be heard in the State Senate. 
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Recent Work at Grizzly Island Wildlife Area Update

Summer and Fall work were quite productive at Grizzly Island Wildlife Area. Interior and exterior levee repair was a focus as well as replacing and repairing multiple drain pumps facilitating increased circulation and faster drainage which is imperative to management in brackish marshes
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CWA Advocacy update - H.R. 6854 Introduced

California Waterfowl has joined with our partners at Delta Waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited to support federal legislation that would provide critical breeding habitat for waterfowl both in California and the Prairie Pothole Region of the Upper Midwest.
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CWA traveled this week to San Diego for the CA Fish and Game Commission meeting

CWA went to San Diego and spoke with CA Fish and Game on a number of key advocacy focused initiatives and programs. Topics discussed on site ranged from securing additional support for water rights for Klamath to adding a new Wildlife Area in El Dorado County and much more.
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9th Annual Owens River Clean Up

The 9th Annual Owens River Clean Up hosted by California Waterfowl Association was another big success. Clear skies and warm weather brought out dozens and dozens of volunteers from far and near to help clean up the Owens Valley. It was a great morning of networking
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Duck Confit Garlic Fries 

Duck Confit Garlic Fries  Prep: 10 mins  Cook: 12-24 hours Active cooking: 15 minutes 
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The Give it Twice Trust

If you are like many parents, you desire to give equally to your children with the belief that equality is more likely to lead to peace in the family. If you have multiple children, it is likely that some are more financially responsible than others.
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CWA's all new "Save it for the Blind" Podcast announced!

California Waterfowl proudly presents the Save it for the Blind podcast! Dive into the world of duck hunting, conservation, and legislation. With excellent guests and all things waterfowl being discussed. Come see or listen to CWA personnel and others discuss the duck blind and more.
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Assembly Bill 28 was signed into law this week

An unfortunate bill that adds an additional tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition.
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The Popular Rice Levee Program is now open for applications

The Rice Levee Program pays rice farmers to provide waterfowl nesting habitat on the levees, in planted rice fields, during the spring and summer. Applications for the 2024 Season will be open from September 25 – October 30, 2023
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A bit of good news for Lower Klamath and Tule Lake NWR

Water acquired by CWA as part of a 3,750 acre-foot water rights purchase began again flowing into the refuge on September 18th despite flowage restrictions placed on neighboring Klamath Drainage District and the larger watershed
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An excellent nationally published article on the Klamath Basin

"A PLEA FOR WATER & HABITAT IN THE KLAMATH BASIN" Written by Shawn Swearingen and Jordan Rash - Helping to point a nationally based focus on the travesty at the Klamath Basin and its importance to the Pacific Flyway and beyond. Please read this story published through and shared through our news site for the entire article.
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The 2023 CA State Duck Calling Competition

The 2023 CA State Championship Duck Calling Competition was held over the weekend, there were people and duck callers of all ages out to show their support and passion for the art of duck calling!