Mar 12, 2024

Dennis Raveling winners named

It is official! We have the Dennis Raveling winners named. First place is Lindsay Carlson with the $4,000 prize and second place is Shannon Stemaly with the $2,000 prize. Congratulations to you both!

Lindsay Carlson is a PhD student at University of Saskatchewan. She has a MSc in Ecology from Utah State University and a BSc in Biology from Montana Tech. Her doctoral research is focused on understanding the effect of environmental conditions and habitat quality throughout the annual cycle on Atlantic brant productivity at an individual level using GPS-ACC transmitters. She is working with partners across the Atlantic flyway including state/provincial, federal, non-profit, and Indigenous organizations to deploy devices and collect habitat quality data on wintering and staging grounds, with a focus on understanding the importance of the James Bay ecosystem for staging Atlantic brant.

Shannon Stemaly is a current master’s student in the Louisiana Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at Louisiana State University. Her research aims to determine the origin of hunter harvested waterfowl in Arkansas and Louisiana using stable isotope techniques. Her experience banding waterfowl led her to pursue an advanced degree in waterfowl ecology which she hopes to extend into her career as a waterfowl biologist. She is excited to receive this scholarship and is honored to be recognized by the California Waterfowl Association.

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