Jun 7, 2024

Promotion Announcement: Chadd Santerre, Director of Wetland Programs - NAWCA Coordinator


Promotion Announcement: Chadd Santerre, Director of Wetland Programs - NAWCA Coordinator

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Chadd Santerre to the position of director of wetland programs - NAWCA coordinator at California Waterfowl. Chadd has been an integral part of our organization for over 25 years and is renowned as the nation's leading NAWCA grant recipient.

Chadd holds a graduate degree in biological conservation from California State University, Sacramento. He began his journey with us as a wetland biologist and has held various positions, including regional biologist, senior biologist, wetlands program supervisor, and consistently, the NAWCA coordinator.

Reflecting on his career, Chadd shared, "Working at CWA has been a dream come true. When I was graduating high school, I knew that to be truly happy, I needed to work in the fishing or hunting industry. So, I pursued biology and found a way to make that happen."

Chadd's professional story includes working for the Department of Fish and Wildlife as an undergraduate, spending three years as a scientific aide, and gaining experience with the Forest Service before starting graduate school. He worked full-time for an environmental consulting firm in Roseville, where he focused on permitting development, building mitigation wetlands, and monitoring mitigation sites. As he completed his graduate studies, he found his passion for wetlands and waterfowl and joined CWA as a grant writer and restoration/enhancement project manager.

Living in Biggs, California, with his wife Christine, a special education teacher, Chadd enjoys family life with their daughter, a registered nurse, and their son, who is pursuing graduate studies in data analytics/science while playing Division 1 baseball. Chadd and his two children, along with their two labrador retrievers, are passionate about hunting and the outdoors.

Chadd's accomplishments in wetlands conservation are remarkable:

Grants awarded (1999-2023):

  1. 131 grants/contracts awarded totaling $55,905,483 (including 22 NAWCA grants)

Project breakdown:

Public Lands Projects:

  1. 159 federal/state projects designed and implemented
    1. 9 federal refuges
    2. 11 state wildlife areas/ecological reserves
  2. 13,311 acres restored
  3. 17,128 acres enhanced
  4. 2,946 acres enhanced agriculture
  5. On-the-ground public benefits implemented: $19,157,475

Private Lands Projects:

  1. 273 private lands projects (163 different clubs)
  2. 7,718 acres restored
  3. 45,110 acres enhanced
  4. 227 acres enhanced agriculture
  5. On-the-ground private benefits implemented: $15,581,580

Please join us in congratulating Chadd Santerre on his well-deserved promotion and recognizing his incredible service to California Waterfowl. His dedication has profoundly impacted conservation efforts across our state.