Sep 14, 2023

An excellent nationally published article on the Klamath Basin

Please click on the link below to read the enitre story "A PLEA FOR WATER & HABITAT IN THE KLAMATH BASIN" Written by Shawn Swearingen and Jordan Rash. This article from Mossy Oak™ that is published through a very large national brand, will help continue to put a spotlight on the devastating yet avoidable situation in the Klamath basin and surrounding areas. As many of you know this is an issue that CWA has been focusing it's fundraising and advocacy efforts on for many years. This year for the first time we were able to secure a small but legitmate amount of water to unit 2 through water rights purchases from willing farmers. These efforts provide a "proof of concept" that permanent water rights can be purchased from willing sellers to provide a solution to a man made problem. Through donations from California Waterfowl supporters and members we were able to deliver water showing the federal govenment that this is a legitmate solution going forward. Below is the link to the full article that our very own John Carlson Jr. was able to provide insight, quotes, and photos for. Thank you to Mossy Oak™  for putting this article out to the masses so the entire country can read and learn about this travesty! (link to full article below)

A Plea for Water & Habitat in the Klamath Basin | Mossy Oak