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CWA SURVEY: Hunters speak out on 2020-21 season

April 6, 2021—Hunters reported a lower harvest for the 2020-21 waterfowl season in California, according to the results of CWA's annual end-of-season survey.
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California Waterfowl statement on the passing of Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.

March 16, 2021—California Waterfowl is deeply saddened by the passing on Monday of Stephen D. Bechtel Jr., a dedic...
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CWA sponsors bills to support local mallards, create combination license

California lawmakers have introduced two new bills that would benefit local waterfowl conservation e...
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Lower Klamath update: a huge step forward

March 4, 2021—In an exciting development, California Waterfowl has entered into an agreement to purchase rights to...
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Spring issue on its way to members

March 4, 2021—The Spring issue of California Waterfowl has begun landing in members’ mailboxes. Not a member?

Agony, ecstasy: Stories from California's newest hunters

Obstacles are different, but the consensus is the same: It's worth it to start waterfowl hunting. Co...
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New gear reviews: Shotgun, call, waders and e-collar

California Waterfowl staff members love duck and goose hunting as much as you do. As dedicated water...
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Advocacy: What to expect from Sacramento and D.C. in 2021

Here’s how we’re fighting for wetlands, waterfowl and hunting. Presented by Federal Premium Ammunit...
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Collecting carbon to fund restoration

Wetlands sequester carbon, and that means wetland restoration can be part of the nation's greenhouse gas solution. A three-year CWA wetland restoration project with River Partners could become a model for future efforts.
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Delaying harvest worked out well for farmer, mallard hens

The successful Delayed Wheat Harvest Incentive Program paid farmers to delay harvesting and let mall...
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REPORT: CA's waterfowl breeding habitat needs attention

A new plan calls for nearly doubling brood-supporting wetland acreage in the Central Valley, and for substantially increasing nesting habitat in the Sacramento Valley.
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Lower Klamath backgrounder: biological opinions and their role in keeping LKNWR dry

One of the federal policy actions driving the lack of water for the Lower Klamath NWR is the develo...
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Lower Klamath: 2021 water prognosis not good

All indications are that the Lower Klamath NWR will not receive any water deliveries at all during...
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Lower Klamath: Solution hinges on new administration

(Originally published in the Spring 2021 edition of California Waterfowl Magazine.) by JEFFREY A. V...
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Veteran Hunt Dispatch: Geese at Critter's Place

The flock of geese came in like aircrafts on a bombing run. As they made their first run — wing flaps down and feet extended — there was no doubt they had their eyes on a target right in front of the hunters.
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A key precursor to getting more water for Lower Klamath

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is accepting comments on its draft environmental assessment of w...
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CWA works to keep cigarette tax 'waterfowl' funds state wildlife areas

After several meetings between California Waterfowl and the California Department of Finance, change...
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CWA to fight proposed bear-hunting ban

UPDATE: The Sacramento Bee reported on Monday that the author of the bill is no longer pursuing thi...
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Applications open for 2021 Delayed Wheat Harvest Incentive Program

January 6, 2021—California Waterfowl is now accepting applications for the 2021 Delayed Wheat Harvest Incentive Prog...
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Reviews: Calls, coolers, jackets and more

by California Waterfowl staff (Originally published in the Winter 2020 issue of California Waterfowl...
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Klamath Update: The fight for every drop of water

by JEFFREY A. VOLBERG, DIRECTOR OF WATER LAW AND POLICY (Originally published in the Winter 2020 is...
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Advocacy: The final score from the Capitol

Hunting, gun and conservation bills that CWA supported or opposed in the 2020 California Legislatur...
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Late-season gear guide

by PHIL BOURJAILY (Originally published in the Winter 2020 issue of California Waterfowl) By late D...
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Winter issue on way to members

December 3, 2021—The Winter issue of California Waterfowl soon will be landing in members’ mailboxes. Not a me...