Feb 7, 2024

CWA Wetlands team started a 500 acre project adjacent to the Colorado River near Blyth California

California Waterfowl through funding by the WIldlife Conservation Board started construction just after the first of the year on a 500 acre project that will be improving 60 acres of seasonal wetland habitat and 440 acres of irrigated food plot habitat adjacent to the Colorado River near Blyth California.  The Palo Veder Ecological Reserve is managed by the Californai Department of Fish and WIldlfie and provides recreational activities that include some of the states best dove, quail and waterfowl hunting.  The department currently is challenged to manage nearly 200 acres of the proeprty.  Once completed the entire acreage will have the capability to be managed for wildlife and visitors will see a signficant expansion in hunting opportunities!!!   

The Colorado River is directly adjacent to the 2nd Avenue irrigated food plot unit (120 acres) at the Palo Verde Ecological Reserve that is open to the public.  Managed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife there are great hunting opportunities for dove, deer, quail, and waterfowl hunting.

In the photos above CWA and their contractors focused on the leveling of the 120 acres at 2nd Avenue that will reduce irritation times and improve feed production that will provide resources for wildlife. 

The demolition of the existing nonfunctioning concrete lined ditches is the first step in preparing for the new PVC irrigation pipelines that will help to conserve water supplies and improve feed production on the newly leveled fields.