Getting your hunting license is just the beginning — most newly licensed hunters still need a lot of guidance to figure out what they're doing.

For them, California Waterfowl offers a number of events where instructors will walk them through what they need to learn and mentors will help them hunt. In many cases, loaner gear including firearms and specialized clothing will be available. There is a strong emphasis on safety - we help you build safe gun-handling habits!

If you haven't gotten your license yet, you'll need to complete hunter education - we have workshops for that, too. Go to hunter education events.

Important note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting budget cuts, we currently have no hunter development events scheduled, but we look forward to resuming normal operations when we can! The following is a list of events we typically hold. When events are scheduled, you can find more information here.

Fun shoots (1-day)

  • Held once a year, typically in August, at Grizzly Ranch in Solano County
  • For ages 8+, with adult supervision for minors
  • Novice participants can learn shotgun, rifle and archery with all equipment provided, while experienced shooters can try the ranch's challenging* sporting clays course (click here to see video of the course)
  • Non-toxic shot is required for our events

Camp Sprig Level 2 (5-day)

  • Camps are held twice a year at Grizzly Ranch in Solano County, typically in June and July
  • Participants sleep in tents
  • For ages 10-17
  • Camps feature fishing, shooting, archery, hunting skills and duck banding

Camp shooting instruction

Camp Sprig Level 3 (4-day)

  • Camp is held once a year at Grizzly Ranch in Solano County, typically in July
  • Participants sleep in tents
  • For ages 10-17
  • Camps feature fishing, shooting, archery, hunting skills and duck banding

A group of women laugh before a pheasant hunt with California Waterfowl.

Women's Pheasant Hunt (1-day)

  • Held once a year at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve, typically in October
  • For women 18+
  • Mentored hunt in the morning
  • Lunch included
  • Afternoon trap shoot
  • Dinner at CWA’s nearby Denverton duck club – optional overnight lodging included

Women's Duck Camp—Upper Butte Basin (3-day)

  • Workshop and hunt in the Upper Butte Basin, typically in early November
  • Lodging at Bird Haven/Casa de Patos
  • For women who have hunted ducks 0-5 times
  • Shooting instruction and sessions on duck calling, duck ID, duck plucking, duck processing and duck cooking
  • Hunt in pairs at one of three prestigious clubs: Little Dry Creek Farm, Closed Zone Farms or Mom's

A group of female hunters enjoy the clubhouse at Denverton with California Waterfowl.

Mentored Women's Duck Hunts (OVERNIGHT)

  • Overnight hunts - dinner, followed by morning hunt, then lunch
  • Typically offered in November, December and January
  • All experience levels welcome, but guides and gear are available for novices
  • Individuals may hunt at one of the two Suisun Marsh hunts offered, one of the two Delta hunts offered or one of the hunts offered hunt at CWA's Sanborn Slough/Butte Creek Island Ranch properties in the Butte Sink

A group of female hunters pose after a hunt with California Waterfowl at Grizzly Ranch.

Women's Duck Camp - Grizzly Ranch (3-day)

  • Held at Grizzly Ranch, typically in November or December
  • For women ages 21+ who have hunted ducks 0-5 times
  • Workshops on hunting and game processing skills
  • Saturday and Sunday morning hunts at CWA's Grizzly Ranch in Solano County.
  • Participants must already have a valid hunting license and required stamps/validations.
  • Individuals may attend two consecutive years.

A guide unloads a strap of ducks at California Waterfowl's Duck Camp.

Duck Camp (3-day)

  • Held at Grizzly Ranch, typically in November, December and January
  • Ages 10+ (adult supervision required for those under 18)
  • Designed to help new and beginning waterfowl hunters with skills including calling, decoy spreads, shot selection, waterfowl ID and more
  • Lodging and meals are provided.
  • Hunts with volunteer mentors on both Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • Loaner gear is available
  • Participants must obtain hunting licenses and duck stamps prior to attending

Throughout hunting seasons, California Waterfowl's Hunt Program offers a variety of mentored or guided hunts perfect for newer hunters, as well as unguided hunts.

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