Due to staffing changes, all education programs are being put on pause until a new strategy is implemented. For more information, please contact Heritage Programs Supervisor, Jeff Smith at jsmith@calwaterfowl.org. 

CWA's education programs get kids outside and sometimes even bring the outdoors to them!

The efforts of our programs have one goal in mind: the future.

We are doing everything we can to teach as many youth as possible about the importance of wildlife and how hunting plays an important role in conservation.

For those who are interested in learning to hunt, we have summer camps that blend conservation education with hunting skills training.


California Waterfowl's school programs are designed to introduce children to the world of wetlands, instilling an affinity we hope will last into their adult years, when they will become the state's decision-makers.

Every year, we teach thousands of students about wetlands and the importance of hunter-funded conservation through the Federal Duck Stamp, and give them a drawing lesson to get them started on their entries for the California Junior Duck Stamp Contest.

We also teach students about wood ducks and the remarkable hunter-driven comeback of a species that was on the brink of extinction, as well as get students out to the marsh to learn about wetlands by doing the kind of work biologists do.

To learn more about our programs and how teachers can sign up, click the links below.

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We know the future of waterfowl and wetlands depends on ensuring that tomorrow's leaders are invested in the outdoors.

That's why we offer scholarships for all of our education programs - K-12 field trips and classroom programs, college scholarships for students studying waterfowl or wetland ecology, and scholarships for our summer camps.

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While we offer many educational programs in classrooms, that's not the only way for your children or students to learn about waterfowl and wetlands.

We have a variety of worksheets and activities that parents can use at home.

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Do you want to get your child into hunting and ensure he or she has a strong conservation ethic? Or is your child already hunting, but wants to improve his or her hunting skills? Either way, we have summer camps that fit the bill.

Every year, California Waterfowl hosts hunter conservation camps that teach aspiring hunters the nuts and bolts of waterfowl hunting and conservation. Level 1 camps also include Hunter Education, the prerequisite for getting a hunting license in California.

Our camps are a one-stop shop for a lifetime of outdoor adventures!

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Kayaking at Hunter Conservation Camp


Sometimes we need a little help when we're introducing busloads of children to the joys of wetlands and waterfowl. Can you be there for us?


Are you ready to help our education programs?