Buying your first shotgun can be intimidating. Here are some tips to help make that process a little easier.

In depth

For a deep dive into what you need to know before purchasing your first shotgun, check out this California Department of Fish and Wildlife Harvest Huddle Hour (R3H3) webinar on the topic. The video, which is a little over an hour long, covers:

  • What type of shotgun to buy for the kind of hunting you plan to do (and for your personality)
  • Understanding gun fit
  • The process of buying a shotgun
  • Safety considerations
  • Ways to practice with your new gun

While some of the presentation is specific to California, most of it should be helpful to people in other states as well.



Most shotguns are made for average men.

What if you're not one of them? Here are some options outlined by Field & Stream Shotgun Field Editor Phil Bourjaily.

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Buying a shotgun on a limited budget?

Field & Stream Shotgun Field Editor Phil Bourjaily has some suggestions for limiting your costs and still getting a decent gun.

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What type of shotgun should you buy?

It might come down to your personality. Here are some tips from hunter recruitment volunteer Holly Heyser.

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