California Waterfowl Magazine is a quarterly publication, typically ranging from 68 to 96 pages, mailed to CWA's 20,000 members in March, June, September and December.

A must-read in the California waterfowl hunting community, it features articles of interest to California's waterfowl hunters and conservationists, as well as updates on the organization's work in hunting, conservation and public policy.

We accept classified and display advertising, photo submissions and article submissions.

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Check out highlights of our last four issues:

May 26, 2023

Summer issue on its way to members

Feb 23, 2023

Spring issue on its way to members

March 1, 2023—The Winter issue of California Waterfowl has begun landing in members’ mailboxes.

Nov 29, 2022

Winter issue on its way to members

December 1, 2022—The Winter issue of California Waterfowl has begun landing in members’ mailboxes.

Sep 2, 2022

Fall issue on its way to members

September 1, 2022—The Fall issue of California Waterfowl has begun landing in members’ mailboxes.


We accept both classified and display advertising. Key dates are:

Issue (mail date) Ad close*/display ads due
Spring (3/1) Jan. 5/Jan. 15
Summer (6/1) April 5/April 15
Fall (9/1) July 5/July 15
Winter (12/1) Oct. 5/Oct. 15

* Display contracts and classified text due

2022 California Waterfowl Media Kit (9.3 MB PDF) – details about our audience, our content and ad specifications. (You can also view or download this full-page bleed template, and this two-page spread with bleed template - both are under 250kb)

Submit photos

Member Photo and Scrapbook: Submit photos of waterfowl and hunting- or hunting-related scenes to Magazine Editor Julie Do. Please ensure photos are sent at original size - if your smartphone shrinks the photo, it may not reproduce well in print. We especially appreciate photos that show many aspects of your hunt, not just the end result.

Our Summer issue features an expanded four-page Scrapbook section focused on Youth Hunt Weekend; submit those photos by Feb. 28 to ensure the best chance of getting published. If your club hosts many youth hunters, group photos are appreciated - that allows us to get the most possible young hunters into the magazine.

Snapshot of Scrapbook section

Dinners: We love photos from all of our 100 fundraising banquets, so if you're taking photos of the action at your table, please email them to Crystal Swarny.

Cover photos: We welcome submissions from professional photographers - send low-resolution jpgs to Editor Julie Do for consideration. We love photos of all varieties of ducks and geese found in California, particularly birds in flight. We also appreciate tasteful photos of hunting scenes.

Cover photos should be verticals (at least 2588 x 3338 pixels) that contain negative space where we can ensure text is readable. The masthead occupies the top 2.5 inches of the cover. The address box covers a space 1.75 x 4 inches, usually in the lower left-hand corner. Text can go anywhere in the remainder of the photo. Final submissions should be CMYK tiffs.


Submit letters and articles

Snapshot of a letter to the editorLetters: Email your concise letter (100-200 words) to Editor Julie Do. Letters can focus on current affairs or respond to previously published articles.

Articles: While you may submit unsolicited articles, it's best to contact Editor Julie Do to discuss your idea before you start writing. We love a good hunting story, especially when it highlights the humor inherent in a humbling pursuit where your quarry can fly at 50 mph and make U-turns on a dime. Story lengths should range from 500 to 1,500 words.

Obituaries: We publish obituaries of people who are well known in the California waterfowling community. Articles should be 250 to 500 words, and photos are appreciated. Contact Editor Julie Do to discuss details.



Julie Do, Magazine Editor

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