Hunting isn't like fishing — you can't just buy a license and head to the dock.

Californians are required to complete a hunter education course and pass an exam before being allowed to get their first hunting license. And if they hope to be successful hunters, they need to learn shooting skills as well.

That's why California Waterfowl provides a variety of clinics where participants can complete their hunter education requirement, get some shooting instruction, learn hunting skills and, in some cases, go on their first hunts. Scroll down for a listing of our annual hunter ed events for youth, women and all adults.

Do you already have your hunter education certificate, but still need help learning the ropes? Go to the Hunter Development Events page.

Important note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting budget cuts, we currently have no hunter ed events scheduled, but we look forward to resuming normal operations when we can! The following is a list of events we typically hold. When events are scheduled, you can find more information here.

A young camper shoots a shotgun under supervision at a Grizzly Ranch Fun Shoot.

Camp Sprig (2-day)

  • Two events annually:
    • Mystic Lake in Riverside County, typically in March or April
    • Grizzly Ranch in Solano County, typically in September
  • For ages 10-17
  • Camp includes hunter education, shooting, archery, fishing, hunting skills and duck banding
  • All gear is provided


Father and son at Family Camp

Camp Sprig - Family (3-day)

  • Held once per year at Grizzly Ranch in Solano County, typically in July or August
  • Ages 10+, with at least one child and one parent or guardian in each group
  • Camps include hunter education; shooting, archery and hunting skills instruction; and duck banding
  • All gear is provided

Waterfowl 101

  • Held twice a year at Grizzly Ranch in the Suisun Marsh
  • One-day event in September, followed by overnight stay and guided hunt in November
  • Adults only
  • Includes hunter education, shooting, hunting skills
  • Game preparation and cooking demonstration
  • Hunting license is included
  • Gear provided

Successful youth hunter at Bird Haven Ranch

Camp Sprig (3-day, with hunt)

  • Held once a year at Bird Haven Ranch in Glenn County in November
  • Ages 11-17
  • Include hunter education, shooting, archery, hunting skills
  • Hunting license is included
  • Participants go on a duck hunt on the third day
  • All gear is provided

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