Learning to hunt can be daunting.

That's why California Waterfowl provides an array of programs that go beyond the basic hunter education required for getting a hunting license.

Most of our hunter training programs include shooting instruction, with a strong emphasis on safe gun handling. We often have loaner guns available for those who have not yet purchased a firearm for hunting — a good opportunity to try before you buy. Many workshops and clinics include sessions on hunting skills, as well as on game processing and cooking. For events that include hunts, we often have loaner gear, such as waders and jackets.



When we are able to do group events, we have two types for new hunters of all ages:

Hunter education events, such as Level 1 camps, include the hunter ed class and exam that's required to get your hunting license in California. Some hunter education events include hunts — a great chance to give hunting a try with a minimal investment of money and time.


Hunter development events are designed for new hunters who have already completed hunter education, but still need help getting the hang of things. We have a variety of mentored hunts.



Prepare for your hunts! Our New Hunter Checklist is a guide for preparing for your first hunts.

Buying a shotgun: Looking to make that big purchase but don't know where to start? We've got tips here.

Hunter education: Our staff has developed Online Hunter Education Resources

Looking to help kids learn about waterfowl and wetlands? Be sure to check out our Parent Resources page!

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

This program is the gateway to a wide variety of outdoor pursuits for women. Courses are taught in highly supportive and safe environments. It's ideal for women who feel intimidated learning in a mixed environment, or who simply enjoy women's outings.

BOW has hunter ed events, mentored events and fishing trips, too.

Note: Currently no events are scheduled due the Covid pandemic.

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Kayaking at Hunter Conservation Camp

Summer camps for kids

California Waterfowl offers 5-day summer camps that are focused on teaching hunting and fishing skills in additional to traditional summer camp fare.

We have Level 1 camps that include hunter education, Level 2 camps for youth who already have a season of hunting under their belts, and a 4-day Level 3 camp for youth with multiple seasons of hunting experience. All camps serve kids ages 10 to 17.

In late summer, we also offer a 3-day "Family Camp," which parents can attend with their kids. This camp includes hunter education.

Note: Currently no events are scheduled due the Covid pandemic.

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