Apr 21, 2023

Open Enrollment for Nesting Habitat on Private Lands

California Waterfowl Association is currently soliciting landowner applications for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Nesting Bird Habitat Incentive Program. The program is designed to enhance waterfowl nesting habitat this spring and summer.

Eligible properties can include either cereal grain fields or fallow agricultural fields that remain untouched until July 15, 2023. On fallow agricultural fields, landowners must have sufficient planted cover crops or volunteer vegetation to support nesting activity. For cereal grain fields, landowners must be willing to delay harvest until July 15th. For both enrollment options, the landowner must guarantee that there will be a reliable water source within ½ mile of the field until July 15th.

Applications are open from April 3 – 21 and landowners will be informed of their enrollment status by May 1st

Interested landowners should visit the website to find out more or apply: calwaterfowl.org/nesting-bird-habitat-incentive-program. For questions contact Luke Matthews at Luke.Matthews@wildlife.ca.gov.  

More info view here: Open Enrollment for Nesting Habitat on Private Lands - California Rice News (calricenews.org)