Life Member Upgrade

Upgrade to Life Member!

Life Membership is the highest echelon of membership in California Waterfowl. It shows extraordinary commitment to CWA's vision of a California with thriving waterfowl populations, vibrant wetland ecosystems and respected hunting communities. All Life Membership payments go into a special Hunting Protection Fund!

You can make a single payment in full or monthly payments of $83.33. You’ll receive:

  • A lifetime subscription to California Waterfowl magazine.
  • All Life Members receive 30% off on CWA store purchases.
  • A lapel pin, window decal and beautiful plaque that show your new status. Plaques are sent when you have paid in full.
  • While supplies last, you’ll also receive a FREE Life Member CWA YETI Hopper 8 cooler.

SPECIAL OFFER! Upgrade TODAY with our Gun Upgrade Option ($1799, one time payments only) and we'll send you a Life Member special, Springfield 1911 with custom CWA grips!  


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If you need help, contact Membership Coordinator Lauren Martin at 916-648-1406 ext. 111 or – these special offers apply just the same over the phone!

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