Sep 30, 2022

AB 160 Signed by governor, clears way for organizations to market shooting sports to youth again


We are happy to report that AB 160 was just signed into law by the governor. This state legislation exempts the communication and marketing of youth hunting, hunter education, sport shooting activities and competitions from restrictions put in place under AB2571. It also clears the way for organizations to market to youth for fundraising events and related membership activities. 

Through our strong relationships with legislators and staffers on both sides of the aisle, CWA and other hunting groups have been working with State Senator Dave Cortese (D-San Jose) and the Governor’s office on the need for this cleanup bill since AB 2571 was signed into law at the end of June.

While the cleanup bill (AB 160) does not fix all of the problems with AB 2571, it at least ensures that hunting and shooting-related competitions can again be legally advertised to encourage youth participation in the outdoors. 

Mark Hennelly, CWA's VP of Advocacy, has more detail and information in this video:


Additional efforts to combat AB 2571

Two separate lawsuits, which are supported by CWA and other nonprofit hunting organizations, are also pending which could provide an injunction against the remaining language of AB 2571.

“Promotion and marketing to California’s youth is essential in passing on the American tradition of hunting to the next generation. We rely on the ability to pass on our legacy of conservation efforts to future generations and this cleanup bill is a victory to protect those efforts.” - John Carlson Jr., President California Waterfowl.