VIRTUAL Rancho Esquon Hatchery Tour

What: VIRTUAL Rancho Esquon Egg Salvage Hatchery Tour

When: July 5, 2022 at 8am

Where: California Waterfowl's Facebook page

Contact: Jason Coslovich, 408-644-3525 or

The virtual tour will include:

  • rundown of the egg salvage program
  • tour of the hatchery facility
  • egg candling
  • birds hatching
  • duckling banding
  • Q&A with biologists
  • release of the birds

Would you rather see the ducks in person instead? Come out to the hatchery on July 2nd at 10am!

The Egg Salvage Program is a partnership between CWA, federally permitted hatcheries, and farmers. Before eggs in farmers' fields are destroyed by necessary farm work like harvesting, mowing and discing, we collect them and bring them to hatcheries.

Date & Time

July 5, 2022




Jason Coslovich

Phone: 408-644-3525