California Waterfowl reaches far beyond the world of hunters with a series of school programs designed to introduce children to the world of wetlands, instilling an affinity for conservation that we hope will last into their adult years, when they will become the state's decision makers.

Every year, we teach thousands of students about wetlands, waterfowl and the importance of hunting in conservation. We offer free classroom programs and low-cost field trips.

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CWA staff teaching students in the classroom about outdoor education.


We teach classrooms about waterfowl and the importance of the habitat they need to thrive, emphasizing hands-on, interpretative learning that highlights respect, health and the sustainability of the outdoors.

Depending on the grade level and presentation, students could be learning about nests and nesting behavior. Or they could be learning about ducks by examining real skulls and feet. They could even be studying migratory behavior while examining wing and feather specimens.

If they’re on a field trip, students would be trekking through the marsh, getting their hands dirty with soil science, hunting for insects and using binoculars to spot wildlife. And through it all, we will emphasize the importance of conservation and the valuable role hunters play in protecting waterfowl and their habitat.

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One of our main goals with outdoor education is to develop students’ respect for the environment. With technological developments continually pulling kids indoors, we’re working to get them outside to nurture a love of the wetlands.

Our programs are available for grades K-12. California Waterfowl receives grant funding and donor funding for its programs, so we can offer these programs to schools for free or at low cost. Programs satisfy Next Generation Science Standards in Life Sciences and Earth System Sciences. Some programs meet Common Core Arts and Language Arts Standards as well.

To book a classroom program or for more information, contact Education Coordinator Molly Maupin at, or call 916-648-1406 ext. 121 or 916-532-9682.

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School children examine a bird nest in CWA's outdoor education program.


We provide a variety of handouts and presentations for teachers to utilize. For more information, click here.

CWA also offers scholarships for college students studying waterfowl or wetlands ecology and schools unable to afford the costs of our field trips. For more information, click here.

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